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On Saturday, I got an email from the Muslim Student Association (MSA) of Gannon University. Here is what it said:

Salam All,

SGA rules have changed; we now need to choose whether to remove members who don’t enroll in service hours or to loss all the financial assistance from the university. We have chosen you as MSA member over the money but we still need money for the Islamic events and activities MSA holds.

We decided to keep all over valuable members and to collect the needed money by other means.

Our first attempt is a fundraising table at Waldron this week Mon-Thu 10:00 AM -3:00Pm. Help us reach our target of 1,000 dollars to cover the all year activities’ expenses.

We suggest $50 donation per person, any less or more amount.

Any amount can be of help -:)

You can make it possible. May God reward you in here now and hear after.

-MSA Administration

Personally, I find it disturbing that clubs and organizations are now being forced to decide between cutting members and losing money. Simultaneously, I find it disheartening that organizations such as MSA (who represent a large group of students on campus) are often ignored. It doens't matter if the MSA is correct in their assesment of the rule change or not - this email demonstrates that student perspective on the matter is murky at best; misinformed at worst. That's the responsibility of Student Government.

While I realize that SGA had the best of intentions with their funding rules change - they hopefully realize their mistakes and make exceptions to the rule. Organizations such as MSA, which have a large body of members, are left in the dark while organizations who are already required to do service hours get the benefit of the rules change.

Government should provide equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome - I'm not asking that each organization be given equal amounts of money. However, when some organizations know how the funding system works, and others do not - there is a clear lack of communication between the governing and the governed. That does not bode well for Gannon, for the students, or for SGA.

Michael Haas

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