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Hi, I'm Michael Haas and I'm running for SGA president at Gannon University. I hope you'll take a minute to watch this video to find out who I am and why I'm running to be your president.

I grew up just outside of Erie in North East, I graduated from high school in 2010 and headed to Allegheny College. Like many of us, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life, and Allegheny wasn't the right fit for me. Rather than racking up thousands of dollars in debt, I decided to take some time off and figure out where to go next. I got a job with a company in Erie, working as social media director. I also became deeply involved in local politics, working on several campaigns and learning local issues.

And that's when my future became clear: I decided to devote my life to public service. Having worked in downtown Erie and gotten to know many people at Gannon, I decided that's where I wanted to go. So I applied, was accepted, and started at Gannon. I'm studying theatre and political science, and I'm preparing for a future in public service.

As soon as I started at Gannon, I began attending SGA meetings, covering SGA for Edge and The Gannon Knight. If you've read my Gannon Knight articles, you know I've been critical of SGA in the past. And I'll be honest with you, it's easy to criticize from the outside. I'm running for SGA president because I'm no longer content to sit on the sidelines. I know SGA can -- and should -- do better. We, the students of Gannon University, deserve an SGA that does better, that strives to do more, to be more for the Gannon students.

SGA is the voice of the students, but that voice can and should be louder. SGA should advocate for us. SGA should support clubs and organizations, funding all projects worthy of your money, not pet projects or things students don't want. Every club should have an equal shot, not just the biggest or best-connected.

As SGA president, I'd be your employee, elected by you to serve you. I'd work for you -- for ALL of you. I'm not running for a line on my resume or to cross an item off of my college bucket list. I'm running because I want the job. I want to be your advocate, someone you can trust to look out for your interests. I have the passion, the leadership skills, and most of all, the dedication to serve you.

In last week's debate, the other candidates made their positions clear -- one is satisfied with how Gannon's SGA has performed while she's been a member, and the other hasn't given a clear picture of what she'd do as SGA president. I also made my position clear: I expect more from SGA, and I'd fight on your behalf to make student government at Gannon about the students -- all the students -- not those on SGA.

This week, you have a decision to make. Ask yourself -- what do you want from SGA? This election isn't about Taylor, Cristiana, or me. It's about you. What do you want, and who's going to fight for you?
If you want more of the same, I'm not your guy. If you want something more -- if you believe you deserve more from your Student Government, -- vote for me.

For more on my ideas, check out my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter @MichaelJHaas, and check out my website, MichaelJHaas.com. I'm Michael Haas, and I'm ready to work for you.

Michael Haas

I write, sometimes I tweet @michaeljhaas, sometimes I act. I'm trying to direct more.